January has gone – the month with very little energy, when most of us feel like burrowing under the duvet and hibernating.  On the 4th February the new Feng Shui Year brings in the renewed energy for the year, quickly followed by the Chinese New Year, bringing in another much-needed boost of energy.
The Chinese Horoscope for 2018 is the Year of the Dog (brown earth dog to be exact) and it should be a year full of luck and abundance all round. However, it will also be an exhausting year with many opposites. You will be calm Feng Shui Cheshirebut easily annoyed, rested but tired, in good spirits but unexciting. Although the Year of the Dog will speed up the initiation of many things, it will also bring much pressure and stress in everyday life. All Chinese Astrology zodiac signs need to pay attention to their health as this year is an ideal time to pay real attention to what they eat, what activities they do as well as paying attention to bad habits!

If you want to know what your animal sign is and what is in store for you this year, please let me know and I will send it over to you. Also as I mentioned above, we have each moved into a new Nine Star Ki Year and if you are interested to know about what is in store for you, fulfilment, good fortune, friends etc, please get in touch with me – you may need to remind me of your date of birth.

I was reading somewhere recently about choosing a meaningful word for ourselves during the year – in fact my word found me, so I will share it with you PATIENCE!Feng Shui consultant I find as I get older this becomes harder to achieve. No sooner had I acknowledged how important this was in my life, but I was reading ‘Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff’ by Richard Carlson – a little book given to me at Christmas by one of my lovely daughters. It is a ‘potent little book and reminds us with simple brilliance of what it takes to rise to our best and what we need to do to enjoy a life beautifully lived’. There it was, Chapter 13 consisting of two pages ‘Become more Patient’ – written for me obviously! If any of you want to know what Richard said – please let me know, I would be delighted to send you a synopsis of this and the next chapter ‘Create Patience Practice Periods’.
What is your word for this year – close your eyes and give yourself a few minutes to consider your options.

Finally – what will it take to create a ‘new you’ in this new year? We are all so busy rushing around, filling our days and generally not giving ourselves the time to really consider what we might have to change or give ourselves in order to receive a better and more ‘beautiful’ way of life.
Two of these that came to me were
• To be kinder to myself – to allow myself to make mistakes and learn from them; to allow myself to consider my needs whilst dealing with everything else
• To bring more joy into my life – life is passing by far too quickly and maybe we should try to let go of things we do not like and that do not bring us ‘joy’. What actually brings us ‘joy’?Chinese New Year Feng Shui
I do have more ideas on creating a new you and would like to share them with you at a later date.