Moving to a new premises

A manufacturer of bespoke cold storage facilities was planning to move from their current factory mainly through of lack of space but also because they felt stifled of creative ideas, had a problem finding good quality employees and projects rarely turned out to be as profitable as they were intended at the tender stage.

They were faced with two choices of situations, one being close to home on their current industrial site and the other being several miles away on an industrial site that had undergone extensive refurbishment and was therefore much more expensive.

Elizabeth was asked from the Feng Shui perspective to consider both sites and give her opinion which was the better option.  There was no choice in her mind, she strongly recommended a move to the other industrial site for many reasons that she listed for PH Insulations clearly and concisely.  She checked the new site out thoroughly and made suggestions for all the different areas from reception, offices through to the factory floor.


‘We like to think that having the Feng Shui Consultation did a lot to help us feel positive about things and also helping us feel confident that decisions we were considering were the right ones.

We are very pleased with the decision to move and are really happy here now, although still trying to find a place for everything.  Business is really good and we have work on the books to take us to the end of the year. We still have gaps to fill but are in a really good position.   Feng Shui obviously works well!’

PH Insulations, Dukinfield