Selling homes

Do you..

    • Are you wondering whether to sell your house or not?
    • Have a house that you wish to sell?
    • Feel you have a problem with your house and it is just not selling?
    • Have a house on a row where other houses are selling but not yours?

    selling homes

    I can..

    • Check the exterior and interior surroundings of your home and using Feng Shui principles make simple recommendations that will prepare you and the house for a quick sale
    • Make suggestion that would not immediately be obvious but would appeal to a potential buyer
    • Discuss the pros and cons of moving and then follow this with some easy recommendations

    If you want to sell your home or your home has been on the market for some time, contact me today and see how I can help.


    ‘Chatting with you about the house make me realise how I felt about it and that moving was exactly the right thing to do. You will be pleased to know that we immediately put it on the market and sold it almost straight away! We will be asking you to come and give us a Feng Shui consultation at our new home – can’t wait’.

    Kay, Wilmslow


    ‘As you know, the house had been on the market for over six months and we were wondering what on earth to do about it.  You were our last hope! We followed all your recommendations to the letter and are now delighted to tell you that we are in the process of selling it.  We are signing next week (fingers crossed) and will be moving into rented accommodation for the short term while we look for our new home. Hope to see you there.’

    Janine, Altrincham