Space clearing

What is it?

It is a method of cleansing any space of old, harmful or stagnant energy and then re-infusing the space with new, fresh energies, revitalising living spaces. It also removes any energy ‘left’ by visitors or previous owners of your home that you may not want to be left permanently within your living space. It is not connected with any specific religion or belief. Space clearing has been undertaken in homes, offices, schools, hospitals and even cars!

Why would I want to have my home space cleared?

It revitalises and raises the energy in the space and in doing so raises the quality of your life, leaving your home feeling a ‘a happy home’. Feedback from those who have had their homes spaced cleared frequently say that they have a sense of ‘oneness with their home’ and feel ‘peaceful, radiant, happy and safe’ after it has been cleared.

It is particularly beneficial to space clear in the following instances:

• After moving into a new or different house
• After a serious illness in the home and /or to promote healing
• After a relationship break-up, divorce or serious argument
• When you have had lot of visitors (especially unwanted ones!)
• If you feel ‘stuck’ in your life
• When you want to make a new start
• To ensure any residual harmful earth energy (GS) is cleared

An analogy that is a useful way to think about when you move into a new or different house –  without having it space-cleared is ‘like putting a new bunch of flowers into dirty vase water’ ie you are moving into someone else’s old energy vibrations.

Cost of Space Clearing an average three bedroom house £175.00