Do you…

  • Feel you need to change career?
  • Think that your talents lie in another direction?
  • Feel you would like to stay in the same company but move to a different part of the organisation?

change career altrincham

 I can:

• Check the zone for Career and Life’s Journey in your home and make simple recommendations so that everything is in the right position for the intended moves to take place.
• Check the external and internal areas of your home and, using Feng Shui principles, make simple recommendations to allow you to transform your future path


Graham already had a job in the retail industry but had problems with his boss and had to work some difficult shifts. His dream was to move into a different retail section, that of music and entertainment. Following some simple Feng Shui suggestions and real intention for his future career, Graham finally achieved his dream.

‘Just as I was hoping for, my career has gone in a direction I had hoped. I now work in the entertainment retail, which I love. My wealth and happiness have both improved as all the negative people in my former job have gone! I am less stressed and am able to let go of a lot of the anger and frustration I had with former employees. The consultation exceeded all my expectations – well done Liz!’

Graham L