Money problems

Do you…

  • Constantly feel that money is going out and little coming in?
  • The wind of Good Fortune is passing you by?
  • Everything is always going wrong for no apparent reason?

I can….

  • Check the zone for prosperity in your home and make simple recommendations to encourage things to turn around for you.
  • Check the external and internal areas of your home and, using Feng Shui principles, make simple recommendations to transform your fortunes and luck

Testimonials for improved Good Fortune:

‘Our main concerns were centred around money problems and our business.  After a fair bit of research we opted for a Feng Shui consultation from Liz.  As well as addressing other areas in our home, the wealth was discussed in great detail and she suggested various recommendations to reduced blockages that have occurred for the last couple of years.  My husband is a natural sceptic and really only went along with it for my sake.  That said, he actually really enjoyed the session and is now reaping the benefits as money seems to be flowing in, not only through the business but other sources too.  Liz is a very warm person and does not tell you to change certain aspect of your home; she makes suggestions and if you are not happy with them, will come up with other solutions until you are.’

Lisa, Macclesfield

‘Liz was able to put me back on track and gave me simple recommendations to attend to – prompting positive action.  An added bonus is that money is starting to flow in as well.’

Jane P, Middleton

‘Money has stopped going down the drain, stabilized and got much better.  We are more settled and happy with decisions and long term direction. Health wise we are not as stressed and much more positive.  Thank you for your time, quick response, effort, energy, support and continued assistance’.

Paula J, Chorlton