Increasing the customer base

Attracting the customers into the business is one thing but actually turning them into paying clients is something else!

This was the reason that I was asked to carry out a Feng Shui consultation for The Sheridan Suite, a very large venue for many types of prestigious events e.g. weddings, exhibitions etc.

The MD was pleased to welcome potential customers and show them round but she really wanted them to commit to their function whilst on the premises.

The Sheridan Suite itself is very impressive but generally the first place that the potential customers visit is the offices, situated in another building to the left of the venue itself. I therefore gave my attention to the exterior of the venue and then to the offices, using Feng Shui principles throughout.

Once I had covered all the specific areas myself, I walked around with the managing director in order to discuss my findings and hear the opinions. Having done this, I was then in a position to write the clear, extensive and detailed report.

The report was divided into three sections, one for the exterior of the venue, one for the offices and the third for the venue itself – an extremely lengthy one as you can imagine.

The approach and exterior view of any business is very important from the Feng Shui perspective as:


It is imperative that the client has an extremely positive reaction before even entering the building

‘Once I had met Elizabeth and heard about her work with Feng Shui, I knew she was the right person to invite to our venue and put us on the right track. She identified many areas both on the exterior and in the offices that needed attention, if we were to achieve our goals. I found the consultation itself fascinating and appreciated many of the points that Liz discovered – we are now working hard to get everything sorted out. You will be pleased to know that clients are now most impressed during their visit and a much higher number are signing on the dotted line! Thank you for all your help’.

Sheridan Suite, Manchester