Do you have a garden that is:

  • ¬†Uninspiring and unloved?
  • Boring shape and design?
  • Lacking in light and overgrown?
  • Too much work?
  • Lacking in individuality?

When faced with a regular sized plot, either bare or one that has been ignored for several years, it can be daunting to know where to start.

Many times our gardens are left with a square of grass in the middle and unimaginative planting around the periphery.

Using Feng Shui principles, I can:

  • Listen to your thoughts, ideas and aspirations and then ..
  • Give you some great ideas, simple to put into practice
  • Help you to transform your garden into a loved and inspiring place for you to enjoy
  • Bring shape, identity and movement to your garden

Every plant or enhancement should be placed with care and forethought. In China, every feature in a garden is placed to reflect the human quest for longevity, the maintenance of your life. Trees, shrubs and perennials are planted in preference to annuals.

Always keep the garden clear of clutter e.g. a place for pots, tools, stakes etc. Old leaves and debris should be cleared for compost or into green bins for collection.