Feng Shui CheshireThe magic of ‘new year’ is that it always appears to give each one of us a wonderful gift – that of starting or changing something in our lives for the better – perhaps using Feng Shui?!  Many people believe that change is something that simply just happens but in fact this is rarely the case. We have to really want something to change and then actually do something about it before that change will come about.

Some people don’t really know what they do want to change, they only know that they are not happy with their reality – we must take responsibility and control of our lives – no-one else is going to do this for us. This is a reason why several of my clients choose to have a Feng Shui consultation as discussing this with someone they barely know, allows them to let down their inhibitions and they can talk frankly about their thoughts.

Feng Shui ManchesterLooking back and reflecting on the last 12 months, ask yourself if you have brought changes into your life – if so, were they positive ones? Can you take them a step further and make them even better for yourself?
I knew last year that it was time to bring a change into my life and my new start was bridge – to keep the brain active. I first asked around and found that there was a bridge club in the next town to us and would you believe it, they were just starting a class for beginners – it was made for me!

Feng Shui New YearI am now thinking about changes for me for the new year – maybe fitness, resurrecting my bike out of the garage but I know I will be limited to the daylight and good weather. I regularly do my Yoga but feel I need something more energetic – to get the heart going would be good, cardiovascular activity perhaps. So planning and researching the where, when and how is to be a new beginning for me for the New Year.
What is yours?

A lovely poem to take you forward into the New Year
The Best Memory System – Author Unknown
Forget the kindness that you do, as soon as you have done it;
Forget the praise that falls on you, the moment you have won it.
Forget the slander that you hear, before you can repeat it;
Forget each slight, each spite, each sneer, wherever you may meet it.

Remember every kindness done, to you, whate’er its measure;
Remember praise by others won, and pass it on with pleasure.
Remember every promise made, and keep it to the letter;
Remember those who lend you aid, and be a grateful debtor.

Remember all the happiness that comes your way in living;
Forget each worry and distress, be hopeful and forgiving.
Remember good, remember truth, remember heaven’s above you.
And you will find through age and youth, true joy and hearts to love you!
As we celebrate the New Year, I wish everyone success, a healthy long life and a fresh new start. Have a crazy, exciting and magical New Year!