Creating a motivational working environment

On a recent visit to Tokyo, Mr Downie was extremely impressed with the harmonious and balanced way in which the city, people and the environment existed and the experience had a profound effect upon him personally. He wished to apply these insightful, reflective and ancient practices in his offices in order that his employees, as well as himself, could benefit from them daily.

‘By making relatively minor, simple adjustments to the layout, function ability and intended purpose of areas within and without the office, we have transformed the space into one that everyone and everything is in its right place – harmony at its best.

I will be seeking Liz’s suggestions for my home to assist in bringing balance to my whole life’

Colin Ross Downe, Managing Director, Adjust Solicitors, Liverpool

‘Your suggestions for the specific placing of the machine items in the new factory have enabled staff relationships to improve and there is even a greater desire to co-operate. Exports are improving and there is more reliability in the running of the machinery’

Fly Away Ltd, Wolverhampton