The Managing Partner of JS Miller, Solicitors was extremely anxious about lack of work and general cash flow in the company. She asked Elizabeth if there was anything that Feng Shui could do to help rectify this situation.

Elizabeth carried out work by identifying the zones for the prosperity of the business as well as that of Public Recognition i.e. marketing. She also considered the reception area and then made some simple and straight forward recommendations for changes within these areas, discussing them with Miss Miller throughout. Harmful Earth Energy lines were also neutralised, making it possible for staff to work in a more harmonious situation.

‘After I had implemented a few suggestions recommended by Liz (which were inexpensive and easy) we have had our best quarter yet with turnover increasing by 40%. The following month the Manchester Evening News ran a small story about this firm. In February we were on the front page on the Manchester Evening News, the Times, The Telegraph and we appeared in several other National newspapers. I also made an appearance on GMTV and two local TV news programmes as well as a number of national radio interviews. I couldn’t have dreamed for better publicity and we have generated a significant amount of new work as a result of it’

Jeanette Miller, JS Miller Solicitors, Manchester

Other testimonials:

‘Your services have produced the most extraordinary results – the volume of business that has come our way has been incredible’

Working Finance Ltd, Regent House, Crewe

My business has really started to pick up since my consultation, with unexpected opportunities opening up’

S Stapley, SJS Healthcare, Cheshire

‘Telesales have had their best month since you were here’

IMG Direct, Crewe