Do you..

• Feel ready to meet the right person?
• Feel that romance is passing you by?
• Feel that you have lost that special sparkle in your relationship and want to put this right?
• Feel that your relationship is not going in the right direction and want to do something about it?

I can….

• Identify the zone for Relationships in your home and make simple recommendations to encourage that new relationship into your life.
• Look at the surroundings of your home and, using Feng Shui principles, make simple recommendations that might help to bring the sparkle back into your life
• Consider your lifestyle, personality and needs and make individual recommendations that can make all the difference in helping you move forward towards your intended goals

Testimonials for bringing a ‘sparkle’ to your life:

‘Following from your consultation, we have less arguments now and have also managed to make decisions and stick with them – this has make life much more pleasant. The whole process has made us sit down as a couple and talk honestly and openly about issues.’

Hayley T, Stockport

‘Life has changed dramatically – we talked over your ideas and wondered why we had never thought of them! Life is great again and we seem to have found each other once more – can’t thank you enough’

Jenny B, Warrington