Lacking motivation

Do you ..

  • Feel bored, indecisive and literally, stuck in a rut?
  • Constantly wonder what life is all about and ask ‘is this it’?
  • Feel that life is all hard work and where is the fun?
  • Think that the future looks bleak?
    motivation altrincham

I can…

  • Check the place in your home for the zone of Fulfilment and Illumination, making simple recommendations to encourage things to turn around for you.
  • Check the external and internal areas of your home and, using Feng Shui principles, make simple recommendations to transform this area in your life
  • Listen to your needs and with consideration for your personality, lifestyle, future hopes and aspirations etc, make sensible, practical suggestions to help change your perspective on life

 Testimonials to bring Intention and Motivation back into life!

‘Someone to put you back on track with adjustments to attend to – prompts positive action.  An added bonus is that money is starting to flow in well.’

Belinda, Cheadle

‘We have changed the games room to a library, now filled with books, crystals and inspiring artefacts.  I have moved my workspace to this room as you suggested and I am now feeling very creative and innovative, as well as relaxed and self assured, when I work in this room.’

Jane K, Knutsford

I found it really useful to talk through my concerns and I must say that you are one of the most inspiring women I have ever met.  I have been de-cluttering and sorting out my therapy stuff and feel so much better.  Thank you for my report, everything was detailed and easy to understand.

Alison, Oldham

Thank you for your help and advice, I feel better already in myself.  The whole consultation was enjoyable, interesting and exceeded all my expectations.  I will be recommending you wherever I can!

Jane, Mold

 I just want to say thank you for helping me to turn a corner in a stagnant chapter of my life.  I have been changing things and I am slowly getting back to myself.  I have to say that my head is still spinning around with all the information you gave me but I know that with your help everything is going to come together – thank you very much

Ana, Eccles