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Feng Shui, combined with modern environmental science, is rapidly becoming accepted as a valid method of bringing about real change in people’s lives, with large prestigious companies such as HSBC, BUPA, Virgin, Body Shop and Orange to name but a few, employing consultants regularly.

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Whatever the….

– type of business – office, retail outlet, workshop, therapy, warehouse, restaurant etc
– size of business – whole building, large or small, one floor, one room or working from home


You and your employees are the greatest asset and investment for your business, and in a good environment you should all feel motivated, energised and comfortable within the workplace.

When the surroundings of your business are right, then you, your staff, and clients, will respond in a positive manner.

In restaurants and shops etc it is essential that clients are attracted to the premises and that once they have entered they feel comfortable, excited and pleased to be there, and they will then wish to return.

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Why might you use Feng Shui in your Business?

• If profits and cash flow are unsatisfactory
• If relationships with clients have deteriorated
• If staff turnover is higher than expected
• If employee absenteeism is an issue
• If morale and motivation amongst staff is low
• If unaccountable problems have arisen, especially following a recent move

If any of the above questions provokes a negative response then FENG SHUI can help by providing a valuable insight for you. Feng Shui is an incredibly cost effective way of turning the negative into the positive.

Using Feng Shui principles to recommend simple and effective changes, tailored specifically for the individual needs of each client, you will be amazed how they can bring about remarkable, positive results.

This will also work for you and your business