Unpleasant illusion

The Background:

My clients are a young family who had lived in their current home for just over two years, during which time a second baby was born, making a family of four.  Their house had a poor history with one owner dying of bowel cancer, some others divorced and finally the house was boarded up.

The Problems:

When Clare first contacted me, everything about their life was wrong – their health was poor, the house felt wrong, the couple’s relationship was suffering, they were indecisive and money was a major issue.  Clare suffered from poor sleep patterns, as did the children.  She was constantly tired, stressed and had a tendency to depression and chronic headaches. Her eldest, a little boy of 3yrs, had impetigo since they moved in and the baby, a girl of 9 months had never been well since birth and always had a yellowish colour to her.

The front of the property was situated opposite to the main railway line that carried the trains fromManchestertoLondon, however, the house was positioned on an angle so that it formed a slight corner.  This unusual positioning caused my client, when sitting in her lounge, to have the impression that the train was coming straight towards her, through the window and into the house.  A public footpath running alongside the railway line exited directly opposite the front entrance and thus gave rise to a constant flow of people crossing the road.  A post box was also sited on their property line, again creating a constant flow of people stopping in cars or walking past the property entrance.

The front property line itself was sparsely protected and the front garden appeared not to have any fixed design or plan.  There were no gates on either the path from the front door or the drive at the side of the house.

The Solution:

There were 4 harmful earth energy lines (GS) running through the property and the sleeping areas of all the family were affected by them. There was also an extremely high Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) around each of the beds, provided by the lighting system from the ground floor.  The GS lines were neutralised and the high EMF could be instantly reduced to acceptable levels by switching off the appropriate circuit every night.

The train was another issue and recommendations were made to reflect away the sharp energy. With little protection at the front of the property the family was feeling very vulnerable and unsettled from the constant flow of energy.  Again various recommendations were made to increase security and protect the family


According to my client now, she no longer has a concern about the trains entering the house, she and husband are much happier together and feel more settled in the house.  On the health side, her son’s impetigo has all cleared up, despite suffering from it for the last two years; her daughter is no longer ‘yellow’ and both children now sleep through the night.  She, herself, no longer has the headaches that originally were a daily occurrence and feels much less stressed.

‘We are managing to make decisions and stick with them, making life much more pleasant.  Learning about EMF and GS has been a real revelation and we have all benefited from this information.  Life has improved incredibly – thank you so much for everything you have done’.

Hayley T, Stockport