Spring Cleaning, cluttering clearing, house detox – are these words that set you quivering – with delight or despair?! Everywhere we look we seem to hear them and I am sure many of you are wondering what all the fuss is about. A lovely friend of mine recently lent me the book ‘Spark Joy’ by Marie Kondo – I can assure you that if you are in any way interested in the phrases mentioned above then this is a MUST READ. Marie Kondo really has made ‘tidying’ into an art form and it is sometimes referred to as the KonMarie Method. feng-shui-spring-clean-cheshire

Another friend of mine recently told me that she had spent a couple of days sorting out all of her clothes and gave loads away to the charity shop – she said she felt as though she had lost 10lbs – I knew exactly how she felt.

What is Clutter – Clutter can be actual physical collections of things you do not use or love, things that are untidy and disorganised, too many things in a small place or an unfinished problem or an item. Clutter can also exist in our subconscious and in our mind.de-clutter with feng shui It represents the energy, which is stuck in our inner and outer worlds that prevents us from moving on in life. Clutter is the biggest enemy or obstruction in creating good Feng Shui in any environment.

Where is it – You find physical clutter everywhere in any room of your home – in cupboards, the loft, the garage and even the shed. We find it in hallways, passages, under beds, on top of wardrobes, in handbag pockets, in the car, the office, in computers, the fridge and in the food cupboards.

What does it do to you – Clutter around you makes you feel tired, de-motivated and unable to make decisions. Clear your clutter to feel energy and vitality flow as well as feeling lighter in body, mind and spirit. Your home is a mirrored reflection of your lifestyle and each area of your home is connected to a different aspect of your life. The area in which the clutter gets collected can adversely affect that area of your life e.g. opportunities, good fortune, fulfilment.
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Remember…everything grows except the size of our home.
So, when you buy something new, throw (or give) away something to make room for it

How do I start?
• Start small. If you have a lot of clutter, tackle one shelf of your cupboard at a time and give yourself a treat when you have done it!
• Ensure that others in your home take responsibility to clear their own clutter rather than you doing it for them.
• Change old habits – stop keeping things ‘in case they come in useful’.
• Ensure that you have a ‘home’ for every single item in your house – if this is the case then it is impossible to have clutter.
• If something is broken, fix it-or throw it out. Your energy levels drop when you are surrounded by things that do not work properly.
• Clear your wardrobe. We normally wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. Give away the ones you do not need and buy only the clothes you absolutely love. When you look good, you feel good and your life works better            

You may have read enough by now, but please treat yourself to a few minutes read of the following I do promise you – it is worth it.

The Principles of Emptiness  by Joseph Newton
Have you got in the habit of accumulating money and not spending it because you think in the future you may be in want of it?
Have you got in the habit of storing clothes, shoes, furniture, utensils and other home supplies that you have not used for some time?
And inside yourself – have you got in the habit of keeping reproaches, resentment, sadness, fears and more?
DON’T DO IT! You are going against your prosperity.
It is recommended to make room, to leave an empty space in order to allow new things to arrive in your life.
It is necessary that you get rid of all useless things that are in you and in life in order for prosperity to arrive.
The force of this emptiness is one that will absorb and attract all that you want.
As long as you are materially or emotionally holding old and useless feelings, you won’t have room for new opportunities.
Goods must circulate, clean your wardrobes, drawers, workshop, garage. Give away what you don’t use any longer
The attitude of keeping a heap of useless stuff ties your life down.
It is not the objects you keep that stagnate your life but the attitude of keeping.
When we keep in store, we consider the possibility of wanting, of penury
We believe that tomorrow it may lack & we will not be able to fulfil those necessities
With that idea you are sending 2 messages to your brain and to your life
• That you don’t trust tomorrow
• That you think that the new and the better are not for you
For this reason you cheer yourself up by storing old and useless stuff
Get rid of what has lost its colour & brightness & let the new enter your home & yourself

Books to Inspire You
‘Spark Joy’ by Marie Kondo    http://konmari.com/
‘Clear your Clutter with Feng Shui’ by Karen Kingston   https://www.spaceclearing.com/web/
‘The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning’: How to Free Yourself and Your Family from a Lifetime of Clutter by Margareta Magnusson  (Author)