Sleeping problems

Do you ..

  • Have a problem sleeping even when there is no real reason?
  • Does any of your family have a problem sleeping?
  • Feel agitated and upset when waking?
  • Wake up during the night feeling worried for no apparent reason?
  • Wake up and can’t get back to sleep?

I can ..

  • Check to see if you have high electro magnetic fields with my meter and follow this with recommendations if necessary
  • Check to see if you have harmful energy lines (geopathic stress lines) around your bed – please ring me for more information on these if interested

Testimonials for Improved Sleep:

‘Sleeping so much better as well as feeling better physically, emotionally and spiritually. Thank you for your time, quick response, effort, energy, support and continued assistance’.

Paula, Chorlton

 ‘During Liz’s visit, she identified negative earth energy lines. She then neutralised them and the whole family were then more relaxed and had better sleeping patterns. Significantly, my son used to curl up in the only corner of his cot not affected by the negative earth energy lines, but now he stretches out and sleeps so much better.’

Angela G, Altrincham