Preparing a business for sale

A small retail business in France, two hours south of Paris near the Cher River, had spent much money renovating a very dirty old Chinese restaurant and setting up an attractive shop to show their goods off to the best advantage. They moved into the new premises but business was slow and they questioned whether they had made a mistake.

They asked Elizabeth to carry out a consultation for them and within weeks business was not only booming, but they had had two separate offers to buy the business, giving them an enormous profit on the venture should they choose to go that route.


‘Liz spent a few hours working in the shop and we were a little sceptical of any future positive changes. However, to our amazement the business really started to pick up – we were absolutely astonished when offers came in to buy the premises. We decided to take the best offer!’

Lynn & Ray, Zambezi Art, Valencay