Property development

A property development company had bought a large six bedroom house in order to make some improvements and then sell it on.

From the moment it became their responsibility, problems became apparent.

The house had a strange feeling about it; challenges arose with the proposed demolition of large ugly outbuildings, a lovely 300 year old red wood tree started to die off, a continuous irritating noise, previously unnoticed, was heard from a factory close by.

After removing the rubbish and giving the house a thorough clean, old energies that pervaded the place were ceremoniously removed, together with the fault and negative energy lines under the property.

From that time on the problems eased. Permission was granted for the demolition of the outbuilding; the factory near-bye decided to relocate out of town and the old red wood tree began to make a slow recovery.

Improvement plans for the lovely old house began to move ahead rapidly.


‘I was delighted when Liz offered to see if she could help with sorting out the continual spiral of problems that kept presenting themselves and had become a real nightmare. She spent a few hours working throughout the whole house and I am pleased to say that from that time on the problems just seemed to fade away. I can highly recommend the professional manner in which Liz tackled this seemingly impossible task. I found the whole process very positive and fascinating.’

Crossward Ltd, Cheshire