Eastern Astrology – ‘9 Star Ki’

What is it?

9 * Ki Astrology is one of the oldest forms of astrology in the world, originally used in Ancient China and more recently been refined in Japan, it is used by over two billion people today in their everyday lives. Ki is the Japanese word for ‘energy’ and 9 because it uses a 9 year cycle.

In the western world we use the month we are born as a base of our astrology predictions but in the eastern world, it is the year we are born into.

To understand WHO you are in 9 Star Ki astrology:

We are each born into a year in a 9 year cycle (not necessarily Year 1).
You have a three number ki (energy) calculated from your date of birth.

• Principal First Number – adult nature
This provides an insight into your true inner nature (core). It tells you about who you are on a deeper, spiritual level and is based on the nine year cycle. This nature does not surface until you have been through two cycles of 9 years (at 18) and emerge as an independent person. Some people can go through their whole life and not tap into their true nature, keeping it deep inside and living only by their second or third numbers.
• Second Number – emotional nature
This number proves an insight into your emotional nature. It tells you about your emotions and the way you communicate (hence the most important in close relationships) and your dependent nature. It is based on the nine month cycle. Most adults live by their First Adult Nature and with their second emotional nature surfacing when they are emotional (happy, exhilarated etc) or under stress.
• Third Number – outer nature
This number provides an insight into your outer character. It tells you about how you do things and how you appear to others that you do not know well. It is not a true reflection of who you are but it is the nature people first see in you i.e. the first impression that you give to strangers. Many close personal relationships fail because the initial attraction is based on this nature and not on the first number, the true inner nature. Colleagues at work are likely to base their assessment of you on your third outer nature.

To understand WHERE you are in 9 Star Ki Astrology:

Each year, in a Nine Year Cycle ,the energy changes and influences your own energy in a different way, determining whether it is a good or bad time for you to embark on a new endeavour. If you use the energy to your advantage you will find that it is easier to achieve certain things, rather like swimming with the tide rather than against it. 9 Star Ki astrology can provide you with essential clues as to when to make important changes or decisions in your life.

Simple Nine Star Ki Readings are available on request but are also automatically compiled as a complementary gift for every Feng Shui consultation