Meditation is used to learn to concentrate and empty minds. It is an easy way to focus the mind on one thing and to reach an altered state that is safe. It can easily be practised alone, and can help to hone intuition, a skill that suffers in the modern world with its emphasis on logic and science. Intuition is important as via meditation you can get in touch with your inner self and the cosmic energies that can trigger your intuition even when you are not meditating.

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It is great for helping focus on a topic, ritual or goal without interference from the mundane world – it is much easier to concentrate on one thing when you are sitting there with you eyes closed rather than watching TV. It is very useful for quietening the mind and can help gain energy by removing stagnant and negative energy and drawing the power of the earth within you. Meditation can also help you gain insight from deities and spirits.

It can be as simple or profound as you want it to be and can vary between day-long meditation retreats and 3 min breathers – can be practised anywhere – half close your eyes, breathe in deeply through your nose, feel the breath on your upper lip as you breathe in and imagine positive energy flowing into you. Then hold your breath for a few seconds and then breath out slowly through your mouth, imagining the stress and negative energy leaving your body.

Close your eyes and visualise a candle flame in the darkness and nothing else. It will take a while to create three minutes of seeing a candle flame before your mind’s eye without anything else entering your imagination.

Have a go a few times – see what you think and let me know if it works for you!