Harmonious Solutions – Testimonial Compilation

*For more specific case studies and testimonials, please see the individual pages in the home and business sections*

Home Solutions:


‘The FS consultation itself was great and I’ve been really enjoying making changes to my flat. I have some beautiful new pictures in my bedroom and I’ve treated myself to an absolutely stunning dressing table which is due to arrive next Sat. It is going to be a long project as I can only afford to make changes bit by bit but I can already see great improvements so I am very happy with it so far. I am taking a far greater sense of pride in my home and a more manageable approach to making change and sorting clutter. Simple suggestions have already made a huge difference already.’

Louise, London

‘Thank you for the consultation which I thoroughly enjoyed! I am looking forward to enhancing my home and life based on your recommendations and I will enjoy reading and learning more about this fascinating subject. I hope that I can soon let you know about positive results!

Glynis, Swinton

‘I can’t thank you enough for what you have done. I applied the changes little by little and what difference it has made. I actually look forward to arriving home now with the changes you suggested for the front garden and the front of the house – just amazing.
As for my work, well it’s flying like Concorde (used to) and my husband’s business is doing fine too. It’s like when there is a problem now, it gets resolved quickly – yes things are going really well. When we move, I will definitely get you to assess the new house – I do believe it will happen!’

Janey, Wrexham

‘My experience with your practical fenq shui tips has been very helpful in noticing tangible changes.’

Bhavesh, Salford


‘There is a lighter atmosphere in the house in general. Other great positive changes are that my daughter is now considering selling her house and moving closer to me; my relationship with my ex-husband has improved and I have amazingly been having more visitors – it is just wonderful’.

Anne, Cheadle


‘Just wanted to say thanks for doing our report so quickly – all clear and easy to read. The timing for the consultation has been perfect as we did lots of sorting out over the Easter weekend following your suggestions! Also had lots of friends round yesterday – things are really looking up – thank you so much’.

Abbe, Timperley

‘I am delighted with the report and love referring back to it again and again. I also forgot to say thank you for my rock, I really like it. It sits by the window in the kitchen where it gets warm and feels lovely to hold while I remember all the things to say thank you for, one of them being meeting you.’

Jane, Hawarden

‘I was immediately impressed by Liz with her kind and very professional manner. She did a thorough and expert job and explained in detail the theory behind the methods she used in her analysis. The formal written report came back within days and was clear and comprehensive. Liz made a real difference to the feel of our home.’

Alison A, Mobberley

Business Solutions:

Because you are not on the receiving end of one of your own consultations I don’t think you will ever be able to understand how very valuable I feel the time I spent with you yesterday was and will be. You are a very talented and powerful lady who managed to make our discussions extremely thought provoking – within our conversation you were able to uncover a topic I had not really taken into account previously and for this you have my grateful thanks.

Solicitors, Altrincham

I would definitely recommend your services to any other businesses looking for advice, whether it relates to feng shui or simply practical business advice. The session gave both which made it even more helpful than I had expected.  Also, we have increased the signage both inside and outside the building and are awaiting large entrance signs, all as you suggested. We have also moved the reception as advised so that the first impressions clients get are improved. Clients have all commented positively on the changes.

Mollington Grange Therapy Clinic, Chester

We both thoroughly enjoyed our get together on Monday and as usual you make me see things differently and gave me ideas. We also had a suprise yesterday, our American customer who we were due to lose in August has asked us to put together our ideas on taking on the UK operation on for him so things are already looking up – thanks to Feng Shui

CRCS, Cannock Chase

I’m a big believer in using any available trick to achieve maximum performance in business. After all, what works for some of the banks, M&S and other successful businesses, might have some bearing on what we are trying to achieve.

I have had experience of some Feng Shui before, all with positive effects. It really has helped build some fast-growth businesses we have created.

Our current one, Acrobat, is no different. We moved into new premises after a terrific first year. However, sadly everything seemed to come to a grinding halt. We tried all the normal ‘business’ stuff. Nothing much happened.

We found Liz at Harmonious Solutions and the results of a consultation and a full space clearing were nothing short of miraculous. Various contracts and revenue streams that had been ‘stuck’ for nine months, literally exploded. We had to recruit over 50 people in only a few weeks to cope: that’s how astounding.

The place feels different now. The plants (and the people) are thriving. I feel more engaged and excited. There’s a terrific energy about the place. Many people have commented on the new ‘feel’ and I heartily recommend it. Just don’t tell my competitors!

Kevin Griffin, Acrobat Carbon Services

Home and Relationships:

A few years ago I was asked by Dawn to carry out a Feng Shui consultation for her. She had recently moved from the family home, had bought her own house and was now living on her own. She wanted her new home to be set out in such a way as to allow her to achieve her objectives.

We discussed various priorities that she had highlighted and wished to achieve. I used the compass method to identify the positions of the zones of the bagua, drawing these out on each floor of her home.
• Her main priority was the ‘Love Zone’ – as she wrote – ‘to find love, passion, a kindred spirit on my planet, emotionally and physically on fire’.
• Her second one was to ‘transform into a Lifestyle Guru – a wow factor woman’
• And finally ‘to develop an inner and outer confidence’

We looked at the relationship zones on each floor of her new home and in particular, the master bedroom. This is essential as this particular room is the hub that should provide a sexy, cosy and secure environment for those that use it. Wall hangings, bed linen, accessories e.g. candles, aromas, etc should all emulate couples, two of different items, no family photos or single people. This room should be made ready for that special person to enter.

Being invited to return to Dawn’s home recently to carry out a further consultation, it was a magic moment to realise that everything she had set her heart on achieving in the initial consultation, had indeed become a reality.

Her first priority was finding her kindred spirit – in Lionel – as he said:

‘Since meeting Dawn I have become less searching and more contented in all ways including sexually. I am naturally loving and want well-being for all but now can see the joy of sharing my life with Dawn. I certainly never believed it would be so wonderfully rewarding, simply to love without wanting anything in return.‘

Her second priority of transforming into a Lifestyle Guru has come about in two parts – the first of building a ‘concept’ with Lionel in helping others – http://www.luvers.com. The second was being trained and finally ordained as non-religious, spiritual ‘Rev. Dawn Heather Cox – ‘Business Angel for Good – serving Humanity with my Gifts’

Obviously her third priority of developing inner and outer confidence has naturally come about from achieving all the above – certainly a magical lady!

It would be good to believe that Feng Shui has played some part in helping Dawn achieve her priorities in a truly spectacular way. She is a very focussed lady with her intentions and was determined to achieve them.

The first step is always to identify our priorities and then we can move forward on that path – just as Dawn was prepared to do.