Elizabeth offers a number of different talks and workshops and she is more than happy to ‘tailor’ them as required.

• Homes – to raise money for charity
• Groups – very varied both in venue and numbers attending
• Chambers of Commerce
• Local Radio

Suggested titles:
• Introduction to Feng Shui
• Nine Star Ki
• Keeping the Home Healthy
• Selling Houses
• Working from Home
• Using Feng Shui in your Business

Elizabeth’s talks are not only informative but are interspersed with entertaining stories to illustrate the points. Workshops are totally built and delivered around the needs of the group

‘Thank you so much Liz for coming last night. Your talk was a great success! After you left everybody said that they had enjoyed it so much and would love you to come back again in the New Year to continue!
I think of all the speakers I have found during my first year, you were the biggest success! You seemed to just ‘hit the right note’ and the length of the talk was just perfect.
If I may, I will contact you again once the summer is over and see if we can arrange a date for another talk. Again, many thanks’
Beryl Jones, Ladies Inner Circle, Altrincham

‘It was good to have you on my show – have had a good response to the slot. Hoping for a longer time in the future, so hope to invite you back again then’
Anne Burnett

‘Your talk had quite an effect on me last Monday, having thought about moving on with my life, I have decided that the time is right for me to literally move on and am looking at a house that will be just mine! This will entail so much decluttering!!!!!! you won’t believe. I feel so released I can’t tell you – thank you so much’
Irene, WI Northwich

Hosting a workshop

Hosting a workshop

Please contact me for more information.