1    Imbolc is traditionally a time of planting seeds.  As the sap begins to rise beneath your feet and the Earth awakens after its long winter sleep NOW is the time to plant your heart seeds for the year ahead.  What do you INTEND for the year ahead – when we tend to our inner garden we quickly see the external shifts occur in our lives to reflect those changes

Relax and get comfortable, either sitting or lying down ….Spend a few moments focusing on your breathing and let go a little more, a little deeper with each exhale.  Let your mind wander and find yourself in a garden …. the garden of your mind.

Spend a few moments getting acquainted with it.  Look around … Feel what you feel …. See what you see …. Hear what you hear …. and notice what you notice.  What is the weather like in your garden?  Is it large or small?  Does it have boundaries?  Are there others in the garden with you?  Whatever shows up is perfect for you.  This is your mindscape.  It is perfectly safe and completely secure.

Remember that now, as you take a deep, slow breath in and out through your nose and totally relax …. now.  That’s right …. and even deeper than that …. just relax ….now.

Somewhere in your garden is a deep, rich, newly dug, fertile soil bed just calling out to be planted.  Plant a seed for each of your intentions for the coming year … perhaps a seed for loving, committed relationship, a seed for your health etc plant the seeds that are in YOUR HEART

3  See your seeds begin to grow strong roots down into the earth, creating a strong, solid foundation for your plants and at the same time see bright, vibrant green shoots begin to sprout above the surface as your seeds begin to grow….

Continue for as long as it takes …. then begin to bring your awareness back into your physical body …. wriggle your toes and fingers, clench your fists, stretch your arms above your head and then bring them down , relaxing your hands and open your eyes fully back in the room that you are sitting in.

Remember to visit the garden of your mind every now and then to check on the progress of your seeds – do new seeds need planting?  Do they need thinning out?  Weeding?  Watering?  Etc etc.

I often check my garden as I am going to sleep as it is a safe, healing place to drift off to dreamland in                                                                                    by Davina MacKail