I thought you would all be fascinated to hear of a new Feng Shui adventure that I was asked to carry out – to Feng Shui a car!  Over to my client

‘I purchased my car and waited five months for it to be specked and shipped in from Germany that was a decade ago. However, even as the sole owner, I never really felt that my car wholly belonged to me, i.e. it wasn’t 100% in my control, but had a little energy of its own – which was not always as positive as I’d have liked.

After the space clearing, this has not been the case.

I have undertaken some very taxing drives over the past two weeks, very late at night on unlit and unfamiliar roads, a long way from home: My car has delivered me effortlessly to my destination- I have never felt less stressed while driving and calmer both afterwards and, when facing long tenuous drives’.

So all it took was a little ceremony – isn’t that amazing!

Look after your car, drive safely and it will look after you

Look after your car, drive safely and it will look after you

 My last blog mentioned clutter clearing – my particular issue was that I had removed all the old photos in frames from the family wall area and they, together with current photos had been sitting in two or three piles in my study for ?????  At last, I have now finished this enjoyable project and can enjoy the space and the new wall coverings.  Top tip – photos in frames do look better when hung in a group on the wall, rather than dotted around randomly

DSCN0660                  DSCN0659 - Copy

Have I inspired any of you to get your Bagua Home Zone 3 ‘Elders and Family’ up to date – do hope so?  For more information on this, please get in touch