Front Entrance 001

Top Tips for keeping the front of your property in great shape and to attract positivity into your life

  • Front doors should be used as much as possible, e.g. avoid entering the house through the garage door for example. Using the front door encourages a greater flow of energy into the home, bringing with it enormous benefits for health, wealth and happiness.
  • The door should be secure, clean and well maintained, not sticking or with paint peeling off it. Houses where doors stick cause frustrations and creaky hinges lead to insecurity.
  • Front doors ought to have healthy plants on either side but the size of the pots should be in proportion to the size of the entrance. Plants are welcoming and bring individuality to the property – never leave dead plants in this position.
  • It is important to have the name and number of house clearly visible by day and night to attract a positive energy onto the property
  • Doorbells and knockers should be in good working order as this will maintain a good relationship with visitors and avoid missed opportunities. Shouting, car horns, whistling etc to attract attention greatly reduces the energy of the area
  • There should be no obstruction in front of the doors such as cars, bins, toys or rubbish. The entrance should be inviting and be totally clear as obstructions will inhibit the flow of energy, mirroring your approach to life.
  • Finally, porch ways and doors should always be lit on the outside and fittings should be clean as this makes access easier, especially at night time